The Hi-Line contains two 35 kg / 100 mm yellow fuses, two 100 kg / 100 mm red fuses, one 100 kg / 200 mm red fuse and one 100 kg / 300 mm red fuse.

It also contains a fuse kit including the fuse sets mentioned above.

There are other fuses available as spare parts and you can also order custom-made ones.

Reference Designation Thread color
PFCO001 200kg/100mm fuse Green
PFCO002 100kg/100mm fuse Red
PFCO003 70kg/100mm fuse Blue
PFCO004 35kg/100mm fuse Yellow
PFCO005 100kg/300mm fuse Red
PFCO006 100kg/200mm fuse Red
PFCO007 60kg/100mm fuse White

Mixed extender kit

Extender kit including :

-A halyard carabiner.

-A 35 kg/ 100 mm fuse.

-A 100 kg/ 300 mm fuse.

-A stainless steel shackle.

-A 50 cm mixed extender.


Reference Designation Dimension
PFSG002 Mixed extender kit 65cm

Bag fastener kit

Kit including:

-A halyard carabiner.

-A 35 kg/ 100mm fuse.

-A stainless steel shackle.


Reference Designation Dimension
PFSG003 Bag fastener kit 20cm

Stretcher bottom kit

Kit including:

-A hayard carabiner.

-A 100 kg/ 200mm fuse.

Reference Designation Dimension
PFSG004 Stretcher bottom kit 26 cm

Heaving line kit

Kit including:

-A 10 m heaving line.

-A monkey’s fist.

-A stainless steel shackle.

Reference Designation Dimension
PFSG007 Heaving line kit 10.2m

Monkey's fist

Lead ballast and polyester rope.

Reference Designiation Diameter
MPSG001 Monkeys fist 6 cm

10 meters heaving line

Braided polypropylene rope.

Reference Designation Dimensions
MPSG002 Touline 10 m 10 m x Ø 6 mm


Made of stainless steel cable with stainless steel ends and conical copper sleeves.

References Designation Resistance
MPSG005 180 cm sea extender 919 daN
MPSG006 50 cm mixed extender 919 daN

Halyard carabiner

17.4 Ph stainless steel carabiner with free rotation and quick opening.

Reference Designation Resistance
MPSG008 L90 halyard carabiner 3.800 kg
MPSG009 L70 haylard carabiner 1.600 kg

50 m Guidance Rope

Static and floating rope, with reflective strand.

One end with sewn loop.

Reference Designation Dimensions
MPSG 004 50 m guidance rope 50 m x Ø 14 mm

Hi - Line bag only

The TSL Rescue Hi-Line bag ( empty ) only.

Reference Designation Weight
SFSG 001 Hi-line bag only 1.300 kg
Groupe de masques 56
See the Hi-Line