Carrying forks

Steel carrying forks for Piguillem stretcher with latex sleeves.

Reference Designation Weight Dimensions
73SEC180100 Rear carrying forks 2kg 61cm X 28cm
73SEC180200 Front carrying forks 2,2kg 69cm X 28cm

Latex sleeve for Piguillem forks

Replacement sleeve for front or rear carrying forks of Piguillem stretcher.

Reference Designation Dimensions
73SEC160200 Latex sleeve 20cm X 5cm

Standard Piguillem sling

Standard winch sling with 4 galvanized strands.

Equipped with a loop for oblique winching and 4 quick links in galvanized steel.

Dimensions of stands without carabiners: Front: 82cm, rear: 82cm.

Piguillem slings must be returned every 10 years for a complete check.

Reference Designation Material Resistance
73SEC220100 Standard Piguillem sling Câble acier 1270kg

Carrying straps

Allow the Piguillem stretcher to be kept in the folded position as well as to be carried using the shoulder strap.

Includes: 1 pocket, 1 closure strap, 2 shoulder attachment straps.

Reference Designation weight
73SEC272100 carrying straps 0,1kg

Standard Piguillem cover

Piguillem spare cover including:

-carrying straps (73SEC51104).

-the headrest ( 73SEC271200).

-the rope for fixing to the frame (73Sec51104).

Reference Designation Weight Dimensions Material
73SEC250100 Housse Piguillem standard 2,9kg 180 X 57cm PVC

Piguillem headrest

Replacement headrest with velcro attachement.

Reference Designation weight
73SEC271200 Piguillem headrest 0,28kg

Protection plate kit

Front plate for sliding on all terrain while protecting the victim from impacts.

Reference Designation Weight
73SEC51101 kit plaque de protection 0,5kg

Locking kit

Locking system replacement kit.

Reference Designation Weight
73SEC51102 Locking kit 0,25kg

Articulation kit

Articulation system replacement kit.

Reference Designation Weight
73SEC51103 Articulation kit 100g
Groupe de masques 56
See the stretcher

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