Secondary bag

The secondary bag increases the survey group.

It is equipped with:

100 flags of the survey area

3 chasubles ( C, D, E)

4 quivers.

Reference Designation Weight Dimensions
PFSE026 Secondary bag 3,1kg 64 X 49 cm


The flag is printed fabric and on a plastic stake:

The diverse flag are:

-30 Avalanche zone (MPSE 001).

-10 DVA marking (MPSE 002).

-10 Dog marking (MPSE 003).

-10 Found object (MPSE 004).

-150 Sounded area (MPSE 005).

-30 Fallback path (MPSE 006).



The chasubules are printed fabric with reflective stripes.

The diverse chasubles are:

– Chasuble “A” (MPSE 010).

-Chasuble “B” (MPSE 011).

-Chasuble “C” (MPSE 012).

-Chasuble “D” (MPSE 013).

-Chasuble “E” (MPSE 014).

– Operation leader (MPSE009).

-Doctor (MPSE008).

PC banner

Command post banner with reflective stripes and 4 sticks attachement.

Reference Designation Dimensions
MPSE007 PC banner 100cm X 60cm


Compact and powerful.

Duration = 6 hours.

Batteries = 6 X LR20.

Shoulder strap.

Reference Designation weight
PFSE023 Loudspeaker 720g

Color powder

Orange powder for marking an area.

Reference Designation Weight
MPSE019 Color powder 500g


Powerful warning whistle, higher than 100 decibles.

Reference Designation
MPSE023 Whistle


Secretarial board with memory aid and pencil (PFSE 025)

Empty main bag

The main bag on its own.

Reference Designation Weight
MPSE015 Empty main bag 3,7kg


Quiver used to store flags.

Reference Designation
MPSE022 Quiver
Groupe de masques 56
See the Avalanches marking set

Avalanches marking set