The Piguillem

Since 1954, this stretcher, created by French CRS officer Sauveur Piguillem, has proven its reliability and effectiveness in the most demanding environments. Explore the exceptional features of the Piguillem Stretcher that set it apart from other available options.

Key Features:

Ingenious Simplicity: The Piguillem Stretcher features a chassis made of epoxy-painted steel tubing, ensuring a strong and durable construction. Its foldable design makes it easily transportable, even in hard-to-reach places. Its use does not require complex skills.

Robust and Dependable: Whether in extreme mountain scenarios, confined spaces, or hostile environments, the Piguillem Stretcher is there to meet your needs. Its steel structure and protective PVC canvas ensure unparalleled strength.

Uncompromising Efficiency: The safety of the casualty is paramount. The Piguillem Stretcher comes equipped with an internal harness that secures the injured person, no matter the transport position. With a standard sling and removable carrying forks, precise and controlled movement is ensured.

We prioritize safety. This is why the Piguillem Stretcher requires a complete inspection every 10 years. This simple step ensures that every component is in perfect working condition, ready to meet your needs when you need it most.
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