The TSL RESCUE guiding bag is an advanced piece of equipment designed to simplify and secure helicopter winching operations in a variety of environments. Its versatility makes it ideal for two main types of use:

End-of-Guide for Maritime Use: The TSL RESCUE guiding bag is specially suited for maritime missions. It ensures a secure connection with the winch cable, allowing for confident winching operations. Whether it's for sea rescues, personnel or equipment transfers between the helicopter and a vessel, or other coastal interventions, this guiding bag ensures precise control of the winch cable in sometimes challenging conditions.

Anti-Rotation Rope for Mixed or Terrestrial Use: One remarkable feature of the TSL RESCUE guiding bag is its ability to serve as an anti-rotation rope. This versatile configuration is suitable for a wide range of situations, whether on land or in mixed environments. When used as an anti-rotation rope, the bag ensures that the winch cable remains perfectly aligned, preventing any risk of tangling or twisting during lifting or descent operations. This functionality is essential to maintain operation safety and minimize potential risks.