Avalanche set TSLRESCUE
TSLRESCUE manufacturer of safety equipment avalanche
Because the first few minutes are the most important in the search for avalanche victims, it is extremely important to organise operations and coordinate searches. A rigorous approach is needed, and rescuers have to be protected. Nothing must be left to chance. With this in mind, TSL RESCUE has worked with the Chamonix High Mountain Gendarmerie Squad ( PGHM )to develop a resource that is highly effective and easy to use. The bag contains all the equipment needed for marking out an avalanche in line with International Alpine Rescue Committee norms (CISA).
Sac Avalanche TSL RESCUE Complet
The main bag comes with a flag system for marking out the avalanche, the secure withdrawal  route, sounding areas, found objects, echoes obtained by avalanche victim search devices and marking by dog teams.

Size : 75 x 50 cm,
Weight complet bag:  11 kg

- 240 Flags (30 Avalanche area, 10 Beacon contacts, 10 Dog contact area, 10 Found object, 150 Sounded area, 30 Withdrawal way).
- 4 bibs( 2 leaders of sounding waves A and B, 1 operation leader, 1 doctor).
- 1 command post banner, it can be mounted on telescopic poles.
- 1 Loudspeaker used to direct operations
- 1 whistle used by a spotter to give the alert if a 2nd avalanche comes.
- 1 can of snow dye used to mark the helicopter landing zone.
- 1 clipboard for note taking.
4 quivers

Pictogramme de recherche avalanche
Sac Avalanche secondaire  TSL RESCUE
Secondary bag to increase the group of sounding waves.

Size : 64 x 49 cm,
Total weight : 3,1 kg

  - 100 flags sounding area,
  - 1 bib C, D or E
  - 2 quivers.