HI-LINE TSL RESCUE on rescue operation
The  Hi-line  TSL RESCUE is a secured link with the cable of the helicopter during winching. It is versatile and designed for two kind of use.
as a guide rope without release system: 
The Hi-line TSL RESCUE is used when the helicopter winching is not possible from the vertical point, due to a long swell,  serveral people winching, obstacles on the boat, mats, cable, etc.. It keeps a permanent link with the winch cable. In this configuration the Hi-line is used without release system.
as anti-rotation rope with release system:
The Hi-line TSL RESCUE is used to stop the stretcher rotation during the winching. In this configuration the rescuer can release the rope before the entrance of the stretcher into the helicopter or the flight transition.
Hi-line TSL RESCUE components
Hi-line components : 

1 / One heaving line with a weighted monkeys on the end. The rope is attached to the bag with a weak link .

‚2 / One special rope for the rescuer on the ground to ensure the winching guidance.
ƒ3 / One main extender with weak link at the rope beginning.  

4 / One swivel snap shackle with weak link strap for a connection to the stretcher tip.
5 / One swivel snap shackle with weak link to attach the bag to the rescuer harness. 
6 / One secondary extender with weak link and swivel snap shackle, to lengthen the main extender.
+ / Set of  4 spare weak links for the replacement:  (1 CR35L100; 1 CR100L100 ; 1 CR100L300; 1 weak link for stretcher tip CR100)

Weight of complete unit: 6.8 kg 
Bag : 
Resistant canvas PVC 900g / m² red. 
Grid resistant base for rapid water evacuation. 
Four stiffeners to hold the bag open. 
Cord for easy closure and opening 
Small strap to keep the bag on the ground with the foot, during strong winds or heavy seas. 
4 reinforcing straps on the sides and the bottom of the bag. 
4 reflective bands for night visibility. 
Large handle grip. 
Hook under the bag. 
Stainless ring in the bottom of the bag to attach the end of the rope. 
Velcro to attach the extender and to facilitate the location. 
Pocket 25x30 cm to store the heaving line with velcro and a strap to facilitate opening.. 
Heaving line : 
Static rope 10 mx 6 mm with a weighted monkeys of 400 grams at the end. Excellent grip, without rebound, tear resistant and unalterable in the sea water 
The heaving line is connected to the bag by a weak link of 100 kg breaking load.  
Rope : 
Static and floating rope length 50 M, with a reflective wire for night vision. The diameter of 14 mm provides a good grip. 
One tip end is terminated by a loop sewn, the other is attached to the bottom of the bag with a knot
Weak link for security  : 
Polyamide strap 8 mm with breaking point (CR) based to the sewing thread resistance . 
The breaking point is identified by the sewing thread color CR 35 kg yellow and CR 100 kg red.
Extenders  : 
Stainless steel cable complete with compression sleeve and thimble.
Conical sleeve extremity  to prevent any catch. 
Main extender lenght 1m80 to be used with most stretchers.

Stretcher tip link :  
The tip of the stretcher link is secured  with a weak link: 
Weak link strap with CR 100 kg  can be use on most stretchers 
Swivel snap shackle with ball handle for fast opening.

Bag attachment to the harness:  
The bag is connected to the rescuer harness through a weak link (CR 35 Kg) with a swivel snap shackle and ball handle for fast opening.
Shackles :   
The sackles with shake proof pin are manufactured from Stainless Steel.
Swivel snap shackle :  
The swivel snap shackle are manufactured from Stainless Steel
Swivel to avoid rope and strap twisting. 
Sackel to replace the weak link easily.
Snap with ball handle for fast opening.
Optimal safety

The Hi-line is fitted with six weak link for the security. In case of overloading, the weak link are designed to break at a spécific load.
Six secure attachments between :
1 / The main extender and the rope (CR100L100)

2 / The secondary and the main extenders (CR35L100)

3 / In case of break of the latter weak link (2/), a strap weak link longer (300 mm) allows the opening of the swivel snap shackle and release the main extender (CR100L300)

4 / The heaving line and the bag (CR100L100)

5 / The swivel snap shackle and the stretcher tip (Bottom weak link CR100)

6 / The bag and the rescuer harness (CR35L100)
Weak link location on HI-LINE TSL RESCUE
Different versions of attachment
Without release system

With release system

HI-LINE TSL RESCUE attachment with release system
HI-LINE TSL RESCUE attachment without release system