Control and Service
For all our products, we recommend a minimum maintenance to ensure a good state of repair, functionality and cleanliness. It must be done jointly by the user and the equipment supervisor.

The operating mode: 
- Cleaning and maintenance  
- Control 
- And replacement of defective parts.  

Cleaning and maintenance:
Each product must be cleaned and maintained after each use according to procedure defined in the user's manual (specific cleaning, proper storage ...)  
In case of doubt or for more information, The Service Department of TSL RESCUE is available to answer you. 

Contrôls :
1. Routine check made by the user or the equipment supervisor .  
He is a regular control of the status before and after use. The inspection must be done visually and tactilely to see any degradation of the materials.  
2. Complete annual control made ​​by the equipment supervisor.  
A complete and thorough inspection should be done every year by the equipment supervisor. The frequency of complete control can be reduced if the conditions of use require it. The control must be written in the log book in order to have traceability in case of necessity.
3. TSL RESCUE Control
After a number of years of use or if the product status requires it, a control made by the Service Department of TSL RESCUE allows to check if the product is in accordance with the safety and functional requirements. The product is disassembled and evaluated, the defective parts are replaced and after reassembly, it is checked and tested and receives at the end a Control certification TSL RESCUE.
We recommend a TSL RESCUE Control for the stretcher every 10 years from the date of manufacture and every 5 years after.
Certificat de controle TSL RESCUE
Replacement of parts :
Replacement of defective parts must be made ​​only by original parts TSL RESCUE . Modifications and makeshift repairs are strictly forbidden.
Repair workshop :
Fiche de controle TSLRESCUE
The repairs are made by qualified persons and specifically trained on the TSL RESCUE products. We guarantee our repairs one full year for parts and labor. For all controls and repairs, a clear and detailed quotation is made before any intervention.
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