Rescue sledge set for FRANCO GARDA stretcher
Sledge: Ski-guided performing, even on steep slopes and in all types of snow per cord brake system performing easy to use
Efficient system for guiding the rescue sledge in downhill skiing.
An efficient sled guidance system for ski descents. Precise guidance on all types of snow, even on steep slopes or inclines. The unit has a very efficient rope braking system. The arms are connected to the sled by flexible links. They take up very little space when folded. The system is delivered with a set of aluminium side rails that can be fixed under the rear section of the stretcher.
The versatility of the stretcher TSL RESCUE allows rescue operations on the ski slopes and backcountry skiing, the sled is easily transportable on ski lifts is the perfect equipment for ski patrol
The Franco Garda stretcher TSL RESCUE allows rapid interventions on the slopes of ski resorts and also on back country. Is the best versatile stretcher for the ski patrol.
The backpack specially designed for the Franco Garda stretcher increases comfort and efficiency of carrying.
The set includes : 

-  Telescopic bars equipped with a brake rope and a flexible ball joint to facilitate guiding. 

-  2 aluminum rails fixed to the rear of the stretcher for easy slope crossings. 

-  Tubular bag. 

Length folded 108 cm, unfolded 175 cm
Weight: 3.9 kg

Rotules souples pour faciliter le contrôle du traineau Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Flex system 
Lugeons sous la partie arrière du traîneau
Rails pour le maintien du traineau à ski Franco Garda
Set of aluminum blade
Lenght: 42 cm
Weight: 180 g x 2
Optional equipment Franco Garda
Système anti-giration brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Système de portage brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Système traîneau à ski brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Système de flottaison brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Autres accessoires brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Rescue sledge
Flotation set
Other  accessories