Anti-rotation système for helicopter winching
Franco Garda stretcher helicopter hoist from the Mont Blanc made ​​by the mountain rescue services PGHM Chamonix
During the helicopter winching maneuvers, the anti-rotation system on the Franco Garda avoids the rope utilisation. Increasing the security in difficult areas.
Schematic layout of control with anti-rotation system for the stretcher FRANCO GARDA during a helicopter winching maneuver
An anti-rotation system is available to control the stretchers rotation without having to rely on a link to the ground during helicopter winching. The anti-rotation stabilizer can be used in stationary or horizontal flight.
The system can be assembled and dismantled in a matter of seconds. It can be attached to the left or right side depending on the position of the helicopter winch. The entire system folds into the stretcher to avoid taking any extra space.
Weight: 3.2 kg
anti-rotation sytem to hoist the TSL RESCUE Franco Garda stretcher
Implementation of anti-rotation drift on the Franco Garda stretcher TSLRESCUE
Optional equipment Franco Garda
Système anti-giration brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Système de portage brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Système traîneau à ski brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Système de flottaison brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
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