FRANCO GARDA :The most versatile stretcher winched by helicopter
Secours en montagne Gendarmerie Chamonix, Hélicoptères Gendarmerie de Chamonix, Hélicoptères Sécurité civile Annecy Médecin de Chamonix et du Val d’Aoste, Secours en montagne CRS Alpes, Base SNSM du Havre ont coopérés dans le développement du Brancard Franco Garda
The potential to be used in a wide range of rescue mission: mountains, sea, canyon, snow…
Designed by french and italian mountain rescue specialists, the FRANCO GARDA stretcher is performant, versatile, reliable and easy to use. It can be winched by helicopter and permits a wide range of rescue mission on all terrain : high mountains, cliff, sea, canyon and also on snow. 
It is composed with a light and tough structure, a patented articulation concept and an efficient system for medicalization. 
The concept permits a fast adaptation of accessories: carrying bars, wheel, float, anti-rotation system, ski guidance set. 
The FRANCO GARDA gives the maximum of performances to ensure the success of rescue missions. 
DGA Certified for helicopter winching .  
Stainless 316L + TWINTEX composite 

- Standard L.185 cm : Ref. PFFG001
- Long L. 200 cm : Ref. PFFG002
Brancard FRANCO GARDA brancard de sauvetage complet evec housse de médicalisation et élingue pour le treuil hélicoptère
Standard equipment :

   - Patient cover
   - Standard sling
   - 4 external straps fasteners

 Weight : 13.4 kg Standard model
              13.8 kg Large model
The envelopping shell allows the injured protection and the sliding on all type of terrain. The shell is light with a hight resistance again shocks and abrasion. It can be easily repaired in case of advanced wear damage.  

Portage sur le dos du brancard TSLRESCUE Franco Garda
Encombrement et pliage du brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Eléménts du brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
The articulation system allows to fold the stretcher or separate the elements to carry them in 4 sections (médicalization cover + 3 elements of the shell). The mechanism is easy to use, strong and reliable without losable parts.  
Housse de médicalisation brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Dispositif d'immobilisation du patient brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
The patient immobilisation system is efficient and comprehensive: quilted chest harness, closed-cell comfort mattress, adjustable head immobiliser, reinforced braces and foot immobilisation. 
For optimal medicalization, the cover is fitted with pockets for rapid access to the injured person’s arms and legs, and a compartment for an oxygen cylinder, with direct access. It’ allows to contain an injured with vacuum mattress or a spinal board. 

Optional equipment Franco Garda
Système anti-giration brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Système de portage brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Système traîneau à ski brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Système de flottaison brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Autres accessoires brancard Franco Garda TSL RESCUE
Rescue sledge
Flotation set
Other accessories