PIGUILLEM Spare parts
STANDARD SLING : Ref. 73SEC2200100
Elingue standard Piguillem
Standard 4 metal strand winching sling with extension sling for the Piguillem stretcher.
Weight: 860 g
Carrying straps : Ref. 73SEC272100
A set of straps used to tie the Piguillem stretcher in folded position and the porterage with shoulder straps

The set includes :
  • 1 Bag
  • 1 Closure strap 
  • 2 Shoulder straps attachment
Weight : 100g

standard PVC cover Piguillem
Replacement canvas for the Piguillem stretcher comprising the PVC canvas, the removable headrest and 7.5 m of 6mm diameter rope for fixing to the chassis.
Weight: 2.9 kg
Headrest Piguillem : Ref. 73SEC271200 

Headrest parts for PIGUILLEM cover. 
Velcro fastening. 

 Weight: 280g
Rope Piguillem : Ref. 73SEC51104 

Rope to fasten the cover to the frame
Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 8 m
Carrying forks Piguillem : Ref. 73SEC180100 / 73SEC180200

Front or rear steel carrying forks for PIGUILLEM stretcher . 
Fitted with latex pad for shoulders protection and safety pin.

Front fork 73SEC180100 : 
Size: 61 x 28 cm
Weight:  2,0 kg

Rear fork 73SEC80200 : 
Size: 69 x 28 cm
Weight:  2,2 kg
Latex pad